Start-up to present at TechCrunch / Open Coffee event: Wadja

a guest post by Alex Christoforou, managing director of Wadja

Wadja is a device independent communication platform, offering its users secure email messaging, free global sms delivery, and multi channel media management and distribution. A free communication service that goes where you go, Wadja is accessible on any PC or mobile web browser, from anywhere in the world. Keeping you connected to friends, family, and trusted contacts.

Since its beta launch in September 2006, Wadja has been recognized as a leader in the young and exciting mobile web industry, amassing millions of users worldwide, in over 200 local communites and 20 language specific interfaces.

With its high growth rate and dedicated, fanatic, user base, Wadja’s messaging and media delivery and distribution platform has been recognized as the de facto leader in mobile web space, bridging gaps between interface and service features, between PC and mobile devices, and along the way has scooped up quite a few awards as well.

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