Start-up to present at TechCrunch / Open Coffee event: Slideflickr

a guest post by Stelios Petrakis, Slideflickr founder

Slideflickr is an online web based slideshow generator for Flickr images. Users can paste a Flickr url, specify parameters and create their own slideshows with just one click, having the opportunity to share them in multiple ways. Slideflickr supports login with Flickr credentials, as well as separate user system, enabling users to save, edit, delete their slideshows and manage their comments.
Slideflickr runs for over a year, serving 74,000+ slideshows and having more than 1000 registered users. The web service has been showcased by Mashable, used in known sites such as Barack Obama’s blog, news sites and blogs throughout the world.
Slideflickr will get its updated version the following months, featuring changes in all of its parts (player, website) and …one more thing that will be announced in TechCrunch / Open Coffee meeting at Athens 1st of July 2008!

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