Start-up to present at TechCrunch / Open Coffee event: Blymee

a guest post by Tassos Koutsovassilis, Blymee co-founder

Blymee is a simple new way of managing, organizing, and publishing your digital “stuff” —— no more tedious upload and download buttons or password hell. Just point, click, drag and drop across all of your social networks, websites, devices —— wherever you have content or information. Whether it’s live video feeds from your mobile phone or YouTube, pictures from Flickr, or friends and contacts in Facebook or LinkedIn, Blymee makes it effortless to manage your digital life/lives from a central place. After you try it, you’ll wonder why it wasn’t this easy in the first place!

Everything we do is about opening up the Internet and freeing people to take control of their digital lives, identities, and objects so that they don’t get trapped and stuck in proprietary websites and social networks. The first project that we are focusing on is working with the Twitter and Movino teams to allow people an easy, open way to syndicate live videocasts from their mobile phones and publish it automatically to wherever they want.

Blymee is a privately-held company founded in November 2006 by Paul Cheng, Tassos Koutsovassilis, and Velti PLC.


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