Start-up to present at TechCrunch / Open Coffee event: Product Madness

a guest post by Jose Brotons, Product Madness co-founder

Product Madness, a spinoff from Stanford University, with headquarters in Palo Alto, California and a subsidiary in Athens, Greece is concentrated on online social networks.  With over 100 software products (social networking applications), it has already achieved a 20 million user base.

Our massive number of users coupled with the number of applications produced has situated Product Madness in a unique position to study and develop analytical heuristics around viral marketing techniques and viral user acquisition.  Based on this knowledge, the company has recently decided to develop a series of products that commoditize the process of viral customer acquisition and viral marketing on social networking platforms. is the first of these tools to soon hit the market and to be presented at the event. It is a complete system that allows developers and their marketing creatives to easily implement a system with the final goal of: “Allowing a Marketing manager with no coding experience to be able to see, modify and excel at viral channel optimization.  Making it practically as easy as sending an email and reading a stock chart.”

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