Start-up to present at TechCrunch / Open Coffee event: Sojourner

a guest post by George Kasselakis, Sojourner creator

The Sojourner Feed Reader is a client for the Structured Web, which adapts to the content at hand. It provides a premium browsing experience with thumbnails browsing for photo and video feeds, maps for geotagged items, and the ability to download and sync for podcasts.

Integration with a number of popular sites is built into, such as with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Youtube, and more. Wherever it makes sense, users can also leave comments, publish photos etc. Every aspect of the application can be customized through a collection of browsing extensions. The framework’s rendering engine allows the application to work on a range of desktop, web and mobile environments. 

At the TechCrunch/Open Coffee meeting, along with a preview of the Sojourner, 3 of the plugins that target popular web sites will be introduced and released as standalone apps.

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