Start-up to present at TechCrunch / Open Coffee event: Qualia

a guest post by Iason Demiros, Qualia co-founder

Qualia is an on-line media monitoring studio established in Athens in 2004. The company aims to fulfill the market need for media monitoring which in effect translates into searching in audiovisual data that has been recorded from TV and radio broadcasts and in textual data retrieved from the Web. 

Qualia’s media monitoring system, aino, is a witty combination of business, art, computer science, language technology and artificial intelligence. It tells the brief story of a few researchers who set an ambitious technical and business target to create a spin-off company based on sound scientific know-how and a clear vision at the cutting-edge of technology on an international scale.  

At the moment serving the Greek market, Qualia has developed and owns the software system it uses (with a language independent core technology for imminent multilingual applications) to locate, process, store, access, retrieve and present precise and relevant information existing within a TV program, a radio program, a website, a blog or a published hardcopy press article. Clients have nothing more to do than to open a designated website to access the exact information they’ve requested. This is indeed “good to know” as the aino slogan conveys.

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