Start-up to present at TechCrunch / Open Coffee event: Transifex

A guest post by Dimitris Glezos, Transifex creator and Indifex co-founder


19 out of 20 people on this planet speak a native language other than English. This fact is well understood by book authors, bloggers, software developers and webmasters, who all want their content available in many languages in order to have larger user bases.

Transifex is a platform that simplifies the translation of content accessible through the Internet. It helps producers of software, documents or web services to reach out to established localization communities to receive high-quality translations which are then stored directly on the source repository of the product. Professional and volunteer translators are provided with a distributed web service that accepts translation data and forwards it to the right projects. Transifex focuses on ease of use and scalability, and minimizes the maintenance overhead for the translators, the content providers as well as the system administrators.

Transifex is already in production use. Red Hat, Inc. and the Fedora Project rely on it for the internationalization infrastructure of its software with its millions of users. In six months, Transifex served more than 2500 translations to 80 projects from 400 translators speaking 70 languages.

The next steps of Transifex are to embrace more projects and localization communities and to continue working in making it the translation platform for the Web.


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