Start-up to present at TechCrunch / Open Coffee event: Photo Frame Show

a guest post by Aris Filokostas, Likno Software founder and general manager

Photo Frame Show aims to become the “Flickr for Photo Frames” and not only. Our company, Likno Software, is now investing its gained experience from the development of niche web-related products to create a community-driven service for the largest collection of international photo frames. Additional photo-related designs (albums, etc.) and services are planned for a second stage.

The vision is not to re-create another Flickr. The vision is to develop a niche platform where users can easily find, tag, download, upload and attach frames on their photos for every possible occasion, event or category, for every country/region of the world; all frames selected from the largest repository of designs in various art forms (2d, 3d, pixel art, comic, manga, etc.).

The community-driven aspect lays in both the consuming and producing user involvement. Through easy-to-use software and processes users will not only be able to find, download and use frames for every occasion but also design, upload and release their own frames for the community, through credit mechanisms; eg: students creating their own university-related frames, fans creating frames for their bands, teams, parties, events and so on.

Through web services, users can easily embed E-Cards Services on their websites, particularly targeted to their own interests (eg: baby-related frames only). A demonstration of this being our just released Facebook E-Cards application“Select from loads of frame designs and categories and make your photos come alive; because every captured moment needs its frame!”

Likno Software is a privately-held, self-funded company in Athens, Greece, developing and marketing web-related products to an international customer base.


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