TechCrunch goes Open Coffee: The place (to be on July 1st)

You already know what you’ll be doing in the evening of July 1st. And we all are pretty much excited about that. But while you knew what and when, you didn’t know where! Here are the details: 

  • What? 

In a few words, the greek start-up community meets up with the biggest tech blog on the planet. Techcrunch goes Open Coffee Greece and Mike Butcher, editor of Techcrunch UK, will be among us to feel and share our love and passion for technology and the web. 

  • Where?

We told you, the place will be unique. The whole event will take place at Bocca Beach, the new hotspot of Athens, right by the Alimos sea-side, just next to the well known Ostria cafe. Bocca is 30 minutes from the city centre by car, while it is also reachable by tram (station: kalamaki). 

  • When?

You might want to come early, to enjoy a frappe or cocktails at Bocca or to dive into the sunset. The official part of the evening starts at 20.00 and should be over by 22.00. 

    • You’ll have half an hour to meet and greet and take your first drink. Then,
    • at 20.30 you will watch the best and brightest of greek web start-ups making their pitch for 5′ each. All presentations will be held in english.
    • afterwards, you’ll have plenty of time to network… till.. well, you know there are no closing hours in Greece, so party away!
  • How? 

Participation is free for everyone, just do us the favour and sign-up for the event either by leaving a comment or by RSVPing on the Facebook / Upcoming event’s page.

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See you all there!


  1. Όποιος τα τσούξει και δεν μπορεί να επιστρέψει, τον φιλοξενώ σπίτι μου. Μένω δίπλα!

  2. Where is the upstream? Τι εγίνε παιδία, δεν προσφέρε ο χώρος την ανάλογη υποδομη; Κρίμα γιατά θα το βλέπαμε και εκτός Αθηνών. Και πάλι Congrats! :-)

  3. Thanks mike for the presentation valuable information to where we heading online, especially here in Greece and what our european counterparts are doing.
    Big cheer to you hope you enjoyed the party last night!!

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