TechCrunch goes Open Coffee Greece: Open Thread

The event ended up a few hours ago and here’s your chance to share your opinion and feelings about it. 


  1. I only managed to catch the last part of the presentations and a bit of the drinks that followed. Its seemed quite interesting, and the presentations that I saw were quite good. Having a chance to talk to Mike was also fun.

    I wish I could come to more events like this one.

  2. Congrats! It was the proper closing for a very productive year for OpenCoffee Greece.

    If there is one remark to be made from my part is that event sponsors maybe reserved a somewhat better acnkowledgement of their contribution to the success of this event.

  3. Was the first time I attended an opencoffee meeting and I must say I was amazed. The people, the core of such an event, were all amazing, the presentations were all great, all in all it really was the place to be.

    I won’t miss any upcoming opencoffee.

  4. Wow, what an amazing year. OpenCoffee is one of the few antidotes to greek misery. The companies were great, networking as well plus there were some pretty hot chicks besides the geeks after the event. A strong plus i think. Maybe yesterday that was the most important tech event that has ever took place in our country and i hope TechCrunch saw smth intresting in it.

    A big thanx to gtzi and titans for all the efforts in put in that.

    I really wonder what can follow next year! I guess the synergy that will develop between us for even greater things!

  5. I ‘d like to mention a few things.

    a. Presentations started one hour behind the schedule.

    b. We didn’t have the chance to make questions after each presentation, which is for me the best part of opencoffee.

    However, opencoffee is unique and I can’t wait for the next one!

  6. Well done! But I must admit that there is no opportunity for discussion with the presentators, the sponsors and the expectators. We were all in the same place, but conversations were only held by those who did know each other!
    September again! :-D

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