TechCrunch goes Open Coffee Greece: Wrap up

Last Tuesday’s event was a very special evening for all of us that are involved in one way or another in the Greek startup and entrepreneurship ‘scene’ (for lack of a better word). It marked a whole year of OpenCoffee meetings – a year filled with the enthusiasm, creativity and productivity of the Greek geek crowd. A crowd which by now through these get-togethers should have a clear picture of itself, its variety and its capabilities. The night, courtesy of our sponsors, by was also significant because it was another step to put Greece on the map as far as startups are concerned: TechCrunch UK‘s Mike Butcher was there to get an idea of what some of the Greeks like to do with their free (or work) time.

the crowd before the presentations

As usual the event was held in the first Tuesday of the month and it was set up to take place in Bocca, a classy venue at the southern coast of Athens. It was the meeting’s first time there – a summery, fresh and open space; a very appropriate place to present innovative and blue-sky ideas. Relaxing couches and small tables dotted the wooden floor area encouraging mingling and the ‘networking’ effect such meetings thrive on.

By about 9 the crowd had already gathered and a considerable buzz was picking up from all over as people were moving from conversation to conversation, catching up, exchanging ideas and business cards. Men and women of all ages had created a very relaxed and casual atmosphere which at the same time was welcoming and intriguing. Perhaps that’s what you get when creative and smart people come together to talk about their passions.

Due to some technical difficulties the talks started at about 09.50 which probably was annoying for most but at least meant more time to talk to people. The five minute presentations were on a wide range of subjects and a video of each will be soon uploaded here. Most of them were top-notch in terms of content (although some could do with improvements presentation- and preparation-wise:P) confirming what most of us already know: that in principle our ‘local’ projects have nothing to be jealous of compared to foreign attempts.

the crowd after the presentations

Following the presentations the mingling continued and even past midnight OpenCoffee people were still talking – although gradually being overwhelmed by Bocca regulars, drinking and dancing. Photos from the whole event from the beginning of the evening till its decadent end can probably keep you busy here – until the next meeting on September 2nd.

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