A Facebook weekend in Athens, be there!

A guest post by Nicolas Kokkalis, Product Madness co-founder

Product Madness, a Silicon Valley company, with branch in Zografou, Athens, is organizing and hosting two very different events around social networking applications this weekend.

One will be the first Athens Facebook Developer Garage.  A place to hear about the latest innovations on this fantastic platform and to get to mingle with other people which share your same passion for the Facebook phenomenon. Dave Morin, a senior product manager at Facebook will be join us for the event by video conferencing.

The second event is a Facebook Hackathon.  A weekend of coding where different groups and individuals will work on an application and launch it by the end of the weekend, trying to acquire as many users as possible. This is a developer only event and a great chance to meet new people, find a partner for that new project that you have in mind and learn about this new fascinating world.

An RSVP is required on both events as places are limited.  If you are interested, please sign up to the Athens Facebook Developers group and follow the links to the actual event. And be there.

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