Breaking: Stream 08 in Athens Oct 2-4!

Stream 08 logoIt was by pure coincidence that we found out about it only a bit ago. The second iteration of Stream is happening in Athens, Greece. Around 200 people from “the creative, media and technology industries around the world” will participate to this anti-conference where apparently the only requirement for being there is that you contribute. Be it by helping with the logistics, hosting a workshop, giving a talk, performing in one of the events or simply cooking your favourite dish for the rest of the attendees you could in principle land a spot. It’s just that and an invitation of course – it is by invitation only. With an impressive list of tech and new media ‘luminaries’ attending (including Jason Calacanis, Jeff Pulver and Tim O’Reilly) however, it’s worth having a go at being there.


  1. I can see why it was hard to find out! Why the secrecy and why is it soooooooooo ‘between us’??

    Great having all these ‘bright minds’ together talking but what about the simple people? We don’t often get the opportunity to participate in such conversations.

    I got a trade…I can teach ‘how to cook Mousaka’…can i come?? :)

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