Dharmesh Shah on start-ups

I really enjoyed the one hour I ‘wasted’ earlier today by watching a passionate and very much insightful talk of Dharmesh Shah on —well, you can imagine— start-ups and entrepreneurship. So, let me share this with you, while I’d love to hear your comments. Some of the most catchy quotes follow hereafter, while the video, originally found in this great blog, is also embedded below.

  1. Ideas are irrelevant; your baby is ugly
  2. Liquidity events are underrated
  3. The true EV of raising VC
  4. Why VC syndication is like price collusion
  5. Write a blog, not a business plan
  6. Change early, change often
  7. Pick a price, any price
  8. The power of the wallet economy
  9. SaaS: COGS in the machinery
  10. Premature optimization: Bad for business, not just software
  11. Barriers to entry are not built in a day

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  1. Απίστευτο βίντεο!!!
    Θα έπρεπε να διδάσκεται σε κάθε πανεπιστήμιο που διδάσκει πληροφορική ή οικονομικά.
    Η μία ώρα περνάει σα νερό ενώ πραγματικά σου ανοίγει τα μάτια σε κάποια πράγματα

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