1st iPhone Development Garage Athens

a guest post by Bill Rappos, co-founder of Great Apps


I am proud to announce the first ever iPhone Application Development Garage held in Greece! Aiming to jump start a Greek community of iPhone developers, we at GreatApps, creators of iSteam, along with the help and support of Open Coffee, organize this event; a seminar to initiate programmers to the iPhone dev and production enviroment.

Initially an idea that came up during our presentation of iSteam and ourselves as a startup at the Open Coffee Athens XIX meeting on February 3rd, it will materialize with your attendance on Saturday the 7th of March at K44, Konstantinoupoleos 44, Gazi. The event will span from the early morning hours, 10 am to the late afternoon of 6pm and will consist of the following parts:

  • Let’s meet (10:00 – 11:00): Getting to know each other while waiting for everyone to arrive.
  • Marketing and Brainstorming (11:00 – 11:30): Have an idea? Is it good enough? How do you get it out there? Why will it sell?? These are all questions we ask ourselves each time we consider what we will develop next. All 3 of us will talk to each other, mostly, about our marketing strategies. ideas and next steps. Care to listen and join in?
  • Initiation to Objective-C (11:30 – 12:30): Kostas Eleftheriou, our own programmer, will share his experiences transitioning from the more commonly used languages such as Java, C and C++ to the programming language required for iPhone development. A 101 tutorial if you will by the guy that started coding with just a mac mini and no previous experience. Bring your Mac and your coding experience; its all you need to start.
  • <Promotion, more Promotion and Customer Service (12:30 – 13:00): Me and Vassilis Samolis will discuss the importance of promoting and tending to your customers. Why grabbing from every selling point of your app or yourself is never a waste of time.
  • Group Projects (13:00 – 18:00): And now the interesting part. We will separate into teams, each one with at least 1 programmer and 1 mac, and start coding! Each team a different project, a different idea, with the team tending to every developing aspect, from brainstorming to programming and marketing. No strings attached, no NDAs but certainly no idea stealing. It will be a room full of witnesses after all ;) Enjoy creating and we will be hovering over your macs, silently judging you. Just kidding, helping in whatever way we can.

There will be breaks, of course, through the whole thing. A bar and lots of coffee. So bring your macs if you have them, your ideas, your creativity and lets create a Community! Hope to see you there!

update: facebook event here


  1. I am very interested in learning the ropes dudes? I would love to learn to create an app like iSteam.

  2. Necessary ingredients for the Mac? 10.5 with XCode installed? Or is 10.4 fine as well? ADC account (AFAIK you have to download an SDK)?

  3. @Jimbo: No, you don’t have to be a dev, nor own a Mac to come. We will need Macs, at least 1 per team, but we’d hate it if people that want to get in on this and have good ideas and other skills didn’t join because of small things like knowing Obj-C. :)

    @fotos: Although we will have wi-fi access at K44, already installed XCode will be at least a time saver. I will update later with optimum specs, once Kostas gives them to me.

  4. OS X 10.5 is required I believe for the latest XCode version. An Apple Developer Connect account would be great if available, but in the next couple of days we ‘ll try to see if we can actually bypass this and provide you with some dev files so you can code straight away even without an ADC account of your own. More details soon!

  5. Φυσικά George, και στο team μας μόνο ένας είναι προγραμματιστής. Και οι 3 μαζί κάνουμε κυρίως marketing.

  6. As an advertiser and a mac and iphone user i’d love to come and help on promotion….Can’t make it on Saturday but if u do it again let me know…Great idea

  7. I’m intrested in this. I am a java programmer with small experience in C but not prob to study. I own an iPhone but not a mac… ???

  8. Update on the tech requirements if you want to *code*:
    Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, updated to at least v10.5.5, + iTunes 8.0 + iPhone SDK 2.2. All software will also be provided on-site for those who don’t have it yet.

    If you *don’t* want to code (or you dont have a Mac), you are still very welcome, there should be plenty to talk about apart from coding – development is only part of the story.

    Also for all coders with no Objective-C experience, there will be tutorials and hands-on sessions so that everyone can pick it up – it’s as easy as Java / C#

    Any questions, let us know!

  9. We are searching to create a small team of 1-3 Objective-C programmers in Greece who are familiar with the Apple SDK and cocoa frameworks for the creation a large tourist point-of-sale DESKTOP enterprise app. For details, pls send CV to: p/h/o/c/o/n/@me.com remove / good luck open coffee good to see this in Greece.

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