Open Coffee Athens XXIV – Open Coffee goes VC Forum

We’re finishing another great Open Coffee season of start-up events and networking, with a flagship event just like a year ago. This time, the scenery is not the coastside, but the elegant Hilton hotel (plus the Galaxy bar featuring the best view in Athens), and the co-host is not TechCrunch, but Venture Capital Forum, the biggest of investment events in the broader region.
So, we’re happy to announce that Open Coffee Athens XXIV will take place within the 10th International Venture Capital Forum, in the evening of Tuesday, June 16th, while we’d like to thank TANEO for this tremendous opportunity.


The whole day is full of great speeches, featuring two ministers and the best from both the entrepreneurs and investors world, however the best part comes at the end, with a full Open Coffee event in the context and content that you love. Access is free and open as usual, and for this special event we’re hosting 5-minute investor pitches from all start-ups that have presented and being distinguished during the year in our events around Greece, plus we consider fundable. What follows is the program in detail:


Here you’ll find the full-day agenda, while the presentations to take place within the Open Coffee event are:

Federico Carrasco, General Manager, will present Grebooca, an 8 month old greek start-up with offices in both Palo Alto California and Athens. Grebooca introduced early this year the facebook social network platform Gameyola, a distribution and monetization platform for casual flash games. Recently, Gameyola received the fbFund prize, provided by facebook, and will participate in the fbFund rev 2009 co-developent round.

Argiris Bendilas, CEO & co-founder of Total Eclipse, will present the roadmap and track record of his company. The latter one includes fantastic -and at the same time successful- game titles like The Clockwork Man, while he will highlight investing opportunities in the casual games industry and his company alone.

Kostis Mamassis, founder, will present Megaventory, a really light web application for inventory management, which comes to replace the anything but limited needs an ERP system places in small and medium enterprises. On top of that, remote access, customization and collaboration capabilities form a really appealing offering, better described as an “ERP for dummies”.

Alexis Ballas, founder, will present Cytopia and a project that partly derived from his work on it, Cambo Industries. The latter one consists of virtual world architects, building virtual worlds and the campaigns to support them, while its founding team brings together experience from big brands and the media industry.

Jiannis Georgiadis, co-founder and CEO, will present Rento. Founded back in 2008, Rento attempts to revolutionize the way to offer and search for housing via the web, providing innovative and quality services in a simple and friendly way. Rento has already provided its services to more than 6.000 owners and 230.000 visitors

Dimitris Glezos, founder and Chief Engineer, will pitch Indifex, the start-up that revolutionizes the way software translations are performed today, leveraging on the power of Transifex open source tool, and already utilized by thousands of translators and developers, and big instritutions such as Fedora, Red Hat and others.

– Finally, George Kasselakis will provide you with every single detail that you want to learn regarding the Open Fund, in parallel opening the call for applications.

The event will take place in Athens Hilton, 46 Vassilisis Sofias Avenue. The location is accessible via the underground or other means of public transport (info and directions here).

View Hilton in a larger map

You may join the event from early in the morning (the agenda starts at 10.00 in the morning), or a little bit before the Open Coffee speeches, which start at 18.30. Before or during these, you may network and enjoy your coffee or drinks right next to the main hall, while right after the event, there is also the option of Galaxy bar for further networking.

How to join
Access if free and open to everyone and especially you, however it is required to fill the VC Forum registration form (registration is valid for the whole day event). You may also leave a comment here or rsvp in the facebook event, to further encourage networking.

Why care
Each one of the hundreds of the attendees in our previous events clearly has her own reasons, however you may expect that you will be able to meet up with the best and the brightest of the local tech and entrepreneurial community, in an informal setting. Add these to the core VC Forum attendees and we bet that the event will turn out into a huge success, featuring each one of you.

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