Open Coffee Athens XV, the call

Tuesday, October 7th, 6 o’clock in the afternoon, at Bios. 4 exceptional talks, a couple of hundreds people from the best and brightest of the greek start-up scene and a presence that worths, well, an event on its own. The 15th meeting of Open Coffee Athens is -I dare to say- a must event, you just can’t miss that! Here goes the details:

  • Speakers
    • Elias Politakis, founder, will demo (right in our mobiles) the innovative wireless services of MobileFX, aiming at both the enterprise and entertainment markets. What’s more, Elias will give his (sharp!) views on do’s and don’ts about start-upping in Greece.
    • Michael Rizos, New Digital Media Manager of the one-month old MTV Greece will present, two days after the big event in Kallimarmaro stadium, his beliefs on new media and the music industry at large, as well as the ideas of implementing these in MTV Greece.
    • Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, among others an ex-consultant of Alpha Ventures and Managing Director of NBG Venture Capital, will contribute his personal expertise about raising money and entrepreneurship in general, giving an apolitical speech that we are clearly honored to host.
    • Having Jason Calacanis as our guest is just amazing, to say the least. Jason needs no introduction and he will inspire us about the things he’s among the most qualified people around the globe to talk about: the passion for technology and entrepreneurship.  
  • WhereBios, Peiraios 84, downtown Athens, in a rural, ex-industrial but trendy downtown area, the perfect host of the start-up culture (View Map). Join us in the bar for the pre-coffees and the after-beers and in the theatre for the speeches.

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  • When: Next Tuesday, October 7th. The full programme is:
    • 18.00 – 19.00: Come along and meet around, enjoy your coffee or warm-up drinks, till the speeches start
    • 19.00 – 20.00: Short (5-10′) speeches, followed by Q&A
    • 20.00 – …: The main part, endless informal networking and socializing over drinks
  • How: It’s simple, you just come over and get in. Participating in an Open Coffee meeting is by default free and open to anyone who would like to attend. You’d better leave your tie at home or at the office, but don’t forget to bring some business cards with you, you’ll probably need a lot of them. If you’d like, you can validate your presence by leaving a comment here or RSVP in the relevant facebook event. And, if you’d like to present in a future greek Open Coffee meeting, just send us an email at
  • Why: Why attend? Well, each one of the hundreds of people who attended the previous meetings had their reasons, we bet that you’ll find your own ones. Till then, rest assured that you’re going to meet the nerds and marketers, bloggers and journalists, VCs and developers, entrepreneurs and PRs, who shape and shake the Greek start-up scene and become part of this vibrant community. Plus, you’ll also meet Jason Calacanis, could it be better than this? :-)

The meeting will be unique, spread the word and let’s all together rock on Tuesday night!


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