Open Coffee Club International: A wrap-up plus a call for your idea

The initiator and guru of Open Coffee Club International, Saul Klein, sent us recently an email, tracking some of the Open Coffee Club advances for the season that ends:

Wow. There are now over 80 of you all round the world (see – its pretty amazing how its spread over the last year and we have new locations starting every month. (note: and you have yet to add Thessaloniki, Patras and Ioannina, three more cities that hosted an Open Coffee meeting in Greece; plus do expect more for the season to come.)


Some great stuff going on by the way, just to highlight a few locations:

For those of you who’ve been hosting an OCC for sometime, you know that we’ve mentioned on a few occasions that it would be cool to have better communication between groups to better share contacts, learnings and just generally leverage the fact that we are now truly global to take the pulse of the startup community better worldwide, {…} or add some value to our Ning network presence at

It’s true that we do feel really flattered and proud for being the first to mention across the truly global Open Coffee community. And this equally stands as a charge and promise to perform even better, starting again from September. However, the reason for this post was different.

Given that we all share the potential of our active global community, the question is clear and directed to you dear fellow readers and Open Coffee attendees: Submit your very own ideas for enabling a much more efficient collaboration and sharing (of experiences, ideas, networks, etc) among the international Open Coffee communities. We’re looking for ideas that are comprehensive but feasible, maybe viral, too, finally offering a chance to leave a tangible footprint to our Club. And, who knows, maybe in a year form now, you’ll be the one to receive credits from around the globe…

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