Leveraging potential – The Calacanis effect

You are passionate about {Cloud Computing / Web Design / Podcasting / Ruby on Rails / you name it}. And you want to organize a meet-up about it. But you don’t know how. Or you can’t find the right people. Probably, you’d also love to have in place some cool guys from Open Coffee Greece. Whichever is the case, we are here to help.

We will share with you our humble experience and our phonebook. We’ll find you the place, find you wifi and make it happen. Or we won’t, if you don’t need to actually. What we’ll definitely do is build up buzz on our blog or maybe make you a contributor so you can write your own posts. News groups are still hip too.

Still, you will be the organizer, you will decide on the format and guests and other details, it’s your thing; we’d be just happy to enable it and serve as your proud partners.

Jason pitched us the idea back on Tuesday. It’s Thursday and you have the framework ready. So, let’s announce the first meet-ups by … Friday? Yes, let’s make the Open Coffee ecosystem grow and bloom… fast ! The time is now. And great potential lies ahead


  1. Ruby On Rails meet up is being prepared as soon as we have the place you will be notified
    Greece will be On Rails soon! ξεχάστε τον ΟΣΕ

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