Open Coffee Athens XVII – (few of) the participants

We initiated kind of an experiment yesterday night, trying to come up with a list of the Open Coffee Athens XVII participants and extending the network effect in the dimension of time. So, we created a typical form and asked whoever wanted to go and submit her details (name/title (required), url, twitter and a short message, plus her email if she wanted to be submitted in our mailing list to receive announcements of our future events).

It’s clear that the process wasn’t flawless and the bottleneck in the one laptop receiving all submissions was significant, nevertheless the list of a small portion of the attendees follows here, while the rest of you may submit your details now, or leave a comment (the post will be updated). And, of course, we’re waiting for your feedcack on this very rough idea!

George Tziralis,, twitter: gtzi, “let’s see if ithis works!”
Stefanos Kofopoulos,, twitter: titanas
Dimitris Athanasiadis,, twitter: dimitristi, “analytical mind, former astronomer, magazine editor, blogger, programmer, into real-estate, online entrepreneur – beware: order of priority may vary with time!”
Spiros Nikolopoulos,, twitter: seadsp
George Sotiropoulos, co-founder & Head of Affiliates,
George Symeonidis, co-founder & General Manager,
Katerina Karagianni, Co-founder,
Jim Myhrberg, co-founder of,, twitter: jimeh
odysseas, founder of,, visit me
John Karakatsanis, co-founder of,, twitter: johnkarak
Costas Nadalis
Vasilis Babouris, Director of Studies at metafrasi School of Translation Studies,
Pavlos Skoufis, founder,
Lina Massou, co-founder of,
Aexandros Kidonakis
Bourlas Sotiris
Pouloupatis Ioannis
Oikonomou George, blogger,
Dostis Sotiris, Project Manager of,
Alexandros Pagidas,, twitter: anametheus, “Startup Weekend Athens Organizer”
Dimitris Zarkadas,, twitter: jimzar,  “a website just for students”
Constantine Dokolas,,, twitter: cdokolas
Vasileios Kontogiannis
Mariangela Lestou,, Το πιο ολοκληρωμένο site για σπουδές στην Ελλάδα
Jon Vlachoyiannis,, twitter: jonromero, “Change the world! It’s up to us!”
Giorgos Vareloglou,, twitter: vareloglou, Keep up the good work!
Panos Bassios – Partner,, Keep up the good work!
Marko Brinkmann,, a whole world to explore
Constantinos Griponisiotis,
Ioannou Georia, twitter: ioannougia, “γραφίστρια ηλεκτρονικού εντύπου”
Polychroniou Antonis, “mythodea”
Stergios Tsiolas
Panagiotis Astithas,, twitter: pastith
Christos Stathis,, twitter: chstath
Savvas Baltzis, “connect”
Spiros Doikas,
Christos Papanikolaou
Ioannis Tzanakos,
Pavlos Dimitriou,, “αγγελίες, μικρές αγγελίες, μεταχειρισμένα αυτοκίνητα, Αθήνα, Θεσσαλονίκη”
Δωροθέα Ραχωβίδη,, user experience, website will be up and running in a couple of weeks max
Alexandros Georgiadis,, twitter: ageor, “systems optimization”
Petros Gavalakis,, “How about vxml on rails?”
Dimitris Mavrakis, telecoms analyst,, twitter: dmavrakis
Themis Papadimopoulos, JADE Hellas,, twitter: cathpain, no message :P
Poulopoulos Ioannis from,, twitter: istor, keep up the good work!
MaryLou Tzempelikou, twitter: MaryLou_t
Michael Nafpliotis, co-founder of,, twitter: zoo_gr
John Nousis, web entrepreneur,, twitter: jnousis,,,,, Facebook apps (kerasmata, paixnidia, dorakia, elladara, symfoitites)
Nektarios Sylligardakis, Drupal lover,, twitter: nsyll
Pantelis Marinakis,, hi!
Ioannis Baltopoulos, PhD Candidate in Computer Science,, Virtually there via online streaming
Panayotis Vryonis,, twitter: vrypan, Πάτα ένα από τα links της σελίδας αυτής. Ένα που δεν έχεις επισκευθεί πριν.
Paris Apostolopoulos,, twitter: javapapo, keep it open , keep it free, keep it balanced!
Charalampos Oikonomidis, owner of c2bii,
Alex Kassios,
Stefanos Vasdekis, chief-Zunigan & co-founder of Siteowners, MagnetCommerce, mobCommerce,, twitter: vasdekis, Let’s Go!
Tsakiris Babis,, Keep on dreaming and find a way to materialize your Dream…
Theo Sapoutzis, web entrepreneur,, twitter:


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